Do what you love, with new friends.

Who's Ready is the new social app that helps you find partners for your favorite activities.

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Who's Ready is now available for both iPhone and Android.

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How does it work?

Who's Ready is simple. You create a profile for an activity, and then browse nearby user profiles for that activity. Message who you want to talk to, and make plans to do what you love to do.

Create your profile

Choose from over a dozen outdoor adventure activities.

Browse user profiles

See the nearest users for your activity and check out their profiles.

Start chatting

Select the users you'd like to contact and send a group message request.

Connect, Collaborate & Make Memories!

With Who's Ready, each user creates their own profile for each activity they want to participate in. Your profile lets you tell others who you are and what you bring to the table before you even send a message, so you don't have to go through a long introductory dialogue every time.

When you run a search, you'll see all the nearby users with profiles for that activity, sorted by how close they are to you. You can browse their profiles and choose who you want to message, and when you send out your message, whether to one user or to a group, they'll get a notification on their phone without having to wait until they're bored and browsing social media. Since chats are in real-time, it's quick and easy to plan to meet, get local inside information, or just chat about whatever you want to talk about.


Who’s Ready is all about finding partners for your favorite activities.
We’ll be adding more activities over time so check back to see if your favorite is in yet – or Submit a New Activity!

Mountain Biking

Downhill or cross country, whether you ride a full suspension or a hardtail, find other bikers to hit the trails with.

Road Biking

No lycra required, if your preferred biking surface is pavement, find friends to hit the road with. Whether you ride centuries or a hybrid on the bike path, tell other users in your profile and find people who like to ride the way you like to ride.

Rock Climbing

Whether you have a complete trad rack and know how to use it or just learned how to belay, on real rock or plastic, Who’s Ready can find you people to climb with. Tell us your comfort zone in your profile (be honest!) and find belay partners.


Through hiking, day hiking, high peaks… all are welcome. Tell us your favorite trail and how you like to set your pace, don’t forget the buddy system, and find someone to get out there with!


5k or ultramarathon, sprints or intervals, there’s someone out there who runs the way you run, and Who’s Ready will help you connect.


Yoga doesn’t have to be done in a classroom. Bring out your mat or a SUP board and become your own yogi with a new friend.

Snow Sports

Ski or snowboard, downhill, cross country… maybe even snowshoe? Find a carpool to the resort or a partner for the trail.

Whitewater Paddling

Kayak, canoe, raft, whatever your craft, if you like to shred the gnar on rapids, this is your crew. Tell us your comfort zone (class 1 through 5 – be honest for safety!) and what you bring to the table in skills and equipment, or just tell us you’d like to learn more, and find a crew for the river near you.

Flat Water Paddling (Kayaking/Canoeing)

Water, water everywhere, but not a soul to boat with? Find other boaters to share a familiar lake with or explore a new put-in.


Whether you prefer fly fishing or own your own bass boat, find like-minded fishermen and women to enjoy (and maybe eat?) a piece of nature with.

Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to make Who's Ready as friendly and intuitive as possible.

Who’s Ready is a new social networking app designed to help you find partners to engage in shared activities.
It’s pretty simple, and you may find it similar to other social apps you’ve used before. You create an account when you first open the app by signing in with Facebook, Google, your phone number, or your email address. We’ll ask you for some basic information like your name and what name you’d like other users to see, and you’ll get to create a profile that tells users who you are and a profile for each activity you want to find partners for.
Once you’ve created your profile for an activity, you’ll be able to search for other users in that activity. Who’s Ready will show you the activity profiles of the nearest users in that activity. You can browse profile cards from the list and decide who you would like to message, and compose a group message to send to however many users you’d like, or even just one.
When someone sends you a message, you’ll get a push notification on your phone and you’ll be able to see the message as well as the profile of the user who sent it. You can decide to accept the message and enter the chat, along with everyone else who accepted, or you can decline it and the request disappears. Once you’re in a chat, it’s up to you what to do, but we hope that you’ll make a plan to go do something you love!
After you’ve wrapped up a chat, the app will ask you some questions about your chat partner. You’ll be able to tell other users whether their profile was accurate and whether they behaved appropriately if you met up, so make sure to keep your profile accurate and treat people with respect to keep your ratings up.
Who’s Ready is currently targeted at outdoor adventurers (see the Activities list above) but over time we will be adding more and more activities so that there will be something for everyone to connect with people over. You do have to be 18 to use the platform, and we want to make sure you understand the risks associated with meeting new people online.
Who’s Ready allows you to create your account by logging in with your existing Facebook or Google account, or by entering your phone number or email address and manually entering some personal information. Facebook login may save you some time and typing, but it is not required.
You can view our full privacy policy here But in short, we’re only asking you for the minimum amount of information that we need to make the app work. To protect users from abuse, we’ll need your real name and date of birth, but we’ll never show those to other users or advertisers. Your phone will tell us your location while you’re using the app, which is necessary so that you can connect with users where you are instead of just near our headquarters near Buffalo, NY and Fargo, ND. You’ll also have to provide some profile information so that other users can get to know you, but it’s entirely voluntary and up to you what to share.
Because this isn’t a dating app, we’re not going to ask you for your gender or gender preferences or anything like that. If you want to share that kind of information you are free to do so on your profile or in your picture, but it’s not required. We do recommend using an accurate picture, because a lot of users are going to be more comfortable meeting if they know what you look like, but it’s optional.
Who’s Ready is launching this January on Android and will be available as a free download in the Google Play Store. It should run fine on any device running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) but we recommend having your device updated to the latest version of Android that it can run.
Who’s Ready will be coming to iPhone in Spring 2019 and will run just fine on any iPhone 6 or later running at least iOS 10.0.

Community Guidelines

Who’s Ready is a new kind of social platform. While most of us are used to “social networking” platforms that just have you scroll through a “feed” on your phone or computer, Who’s Ready isn’t built to make you stare at a screen for hours. Instead, we’re about connecting you to real people for in-person experiences in the real world.
When we are meeting in the real world, we have to behave differently than how we sometimes behave in the “feed world” of social media, and we’ve crafted some basic guidelines to reflect that.

Our Team

Who's Ready is created by the software company Huskadoodle Ltd.

James Ratchford

Founder & CEO

Tyler Williamson

CTO & Lead Programmer

Erin Narumi Prince

Graphics & UI Designer

Arpit Patel

iOS Lead Programmer